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This Badguy Luffs You


28 October 1985
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Name: Orochimaru
Rank: Sannin - AKA: Better then you
Age: Old enough to know you shouldn't know
Conquests: Sasuke's Body, Obtaining Jutsus, Sharingan
Interests and Hobbies: Sasuke's body, naming my breakfast foods, muffins, snakes...And...well, of course, Kabuto. ~^_^~

Orochimaru is Villain Love

Yakushi Kabuto is Clever Love

♥OroKabu is Watch Me as I Take a Shower Love ♥

♥OroKabu is Canon Loyal Love♥

♥Manda, Gamabunta, and Kazuya are Summon Love♥

♥Sannin are Love♥

(Orochimaru is for pod_ninjas and is played by touzokuoh...I have no life, yah.)
breakfast pasteries, kabuto, muffins, sasuke, sasuke's sharingan, sharingan, snakes, uchiha sasuke, yaoi